“Excellent depth of knowledge on music and songwriting: provides the basis for the ability to both ask and answer questions well. Very good preparation for class; it’s taught with high intention and integrity.”     – Alan Saers, Ann Arbor, MI – 

We offer songwriting lessons for:

  • Non-musicians (no previous knowledge)
  • Musicians (some knowledge of chords on guitar)    

Songwriting:  A Path to Self-Discovery

Have you ever wanted to write a song or have unfinished songs?

Are you stuck on that great idea for a song that wants to come out?

This workshop can :

  • Inspire and motivate you to create songs as a path to self-discovery and self-expression in a supportive environment and have fun in the process
  • Activities access our inner voice, communicate authentic feelings, free our writing.
  • Testimonials:

“The audience was very moved during Laura’s heart rendering songs. I would highly recommend Laura for any musical function knowing she brings with her not only her talent but professionalism as well.”  –  Diane Michele, Ph.D, Co-Director-Metro Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing

“Your songs, your voice, and the piano seemed to reach people’s hearts with tenderness.” Jackie Cox, MSW/Bereavement Coordinator — Hospice of Wayne County


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